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What Is A Smart URL?
Last Updated 4 years ago

A Smart URL is a new URL (a URL just means web address like that you use in place of your original URL.

Creating one is similar to using a URL shortener like or tinyurl: you enter the URL you'd like to promote and the system gives you a new URL. In the case of a VitalViralPro Smart URL, this URL will look like where 12345 is unique to you and your Smart URL.

The reason we call it a Smart URL is that promoting it does some really smart things that promoting your original URL just can't. When you promote your Smart URL, you automatically get leverage because:

  • The Smart URL tracks for you automatically
  • It brands you - puts your photo or another image on the page along with your name and any social buttons
  • It automatically mixes in promotion of your VitalViralPro affiliate link - this is crucial to generating free traffic
  • It allows you to get more leverage by adding text adverts and banner adverts to your promotion

It's well known that VitalViralPro teaches a very effective strategy for promotion. What a Smart URL does is implement that strategy for you (something that would be tricky or at least time consuming for you to set up yourself) automatically.

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