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How Should I Promote VitalViral?
Last Updated 4 years ago

This is the big question and the short answer is, it depends!

Your ultimate goal should be building a list because by having a list of people that you communicate with on a regular basis, you have potentially a bunch of people ready to listen to anything you have to say. Whether that's a product recommendation (your affiliate link), a business you think they might want to join, a blog you want them to visit, whatever.

However, not everyone feels ready to build a list and they just want more traffic to promote their own website.

If you are NOT list building then your strategy should be to use most of your credits to promote VitalViral to begin with. As you start to see more credits from the downlines you're building in all the exchanges then you can use some credits to send to your own websites. Eventually you should end up sending maybe just 10% of traffic to VitalViral just to keep some new referrals joining - the rest can be used to promote any business you choose.

If you ARE list building then it's a different matter. Now you should be using all your credits to get people onto your list but regularly promote VitalViral along with whatever else you promote to your list.

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