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Finding affiliate ID numbers / IDs
Last Updated 4 years ago

Once you have joined the traffic exchanges and other programs recommended in VitalViralPro you will need to update your referral IDs in the 'Programs' section.

Many traffic exchanges, for example, will give you a username that you log in with and something different (usually a number) for your affiliate ID. This can be a little confusing so VVP tells you whether you need to enter a username or a number in the downline builder.

For example, with Traffic Splash your username is also your affiliate ID but in Traffic Witch your refferal ID is a number, not the name you log in with.

For reasons that escape me, programs don't always tell you what your referral ID is in their welcome emails so you may need to log in to find your referral ID.

Look for a button that says 'promote' (sometimes called 'affilliate toolbox') and you should see a URL that probably looks something like

The number at the end is the one you need to enter in the VVP downline builder for your referral link to 'work' correctly.

NB: With some programs, commonly tools such as autoresponders, there is a separate affiliate program - you are not automatically an affiliate as a member of the program - so please take care when entering these affiliate IDs.

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