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How do I customize my Smart URL?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Under the menu Promote Your Sites you'll see 5 menu items: My Campaigns and indented (to reflect the hierarchy), My sites and pages, My campaign banners, My text adverts and My branders.

It's already seeming complex right? That's why a Smart URL is powerful for new members - it hides all this detail so they can just use the Smart URL without giving a thought to what's going on 'under the hood'.

But when the time comes to customize the page that's shown for your Smart URL then you need to start to understand how a Smart URL is made.

A campaign is assembled from parts. When you come to create a campaign, you need the parts available to pick from. So you can't create a campaign until you have at least one page defined, one banner defined, one text advert defined and a brander defined (actually some items are optional).

Likewise, if you want to modify a campaign, usually it's the parts it's assembled from that you really need to modify, not the campaign itself.

So, to modify a Smart URL you need to first identify the campaign number - that's easy. It's the numeric part of the Smart URL, e.g. 12345.

Go to My Campaigns, find the relevant campaign and click 'edit campaign'. 3rd section down you'll see the elements of the campaign.

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