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My Site Fails The Checker
Last Updated 4 years ago

Please don't contact us asking us to see why your URL fails the checker or to fix it - here's why...

When you enter a URL ready to create a Smart URL, VitalViralPro must check the site in the same way that a traffic exchange checks a new URL that you add.

The traffic exchange industry almost all use one of two checkers: either HitsConnect or TE Toolbox - VitalViralPro uses the TE Toolbox checker.

That means that if a site fails on the VitalViralPro checker, it will fail on at least half the traffic exchanges out there anyway - and except for quirks of difference between the two checkers, most likely it will fail on all traffic exchanges.

There is NOTHING we can do to 'fix' it for you - even if we modified VVP so your site passed, it wouldn't pass when you came to add the Smart URL to the traffic exchanges.

*** If the splash page is not owned by you then the only people that can change it are the program owners. ***

Try adding their URL directly to a traffic exchange (ideally one that uses the TE Toolbox checker) and see if it fails - if it does, contact the program owner and let them know.

If by any chance it passes and the checker is the TE Toolbox checker THEN you can contact us (if you did and we directed you to this page, reply mentioning that you tried it on a TE Toolbox checker traffic exchange and which traffic exchange it was)

If you DO own the page then you should be able to modify it to pass. On the checker, there's an error message that you can see by hovering over a link (on the left). This will give you as much information as we could tell you and hopefully will let you fix the page.

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